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Wrong IP address detected


When the tracker captures an IP address, it analyzes various server strings and applicable data to find the true IP address of a connecting user device. If the displayed IP address appears to be wrong, this could be due to one of the following factors:

  1. You are behind a proxy server
  2. Your computer is connected to a home or business network router or switch and you are comparing your local private IP address with the detected by TraceMyIP Internet (Wide Area Network) IP address
  3. Your ISP provider is routing your Internet connection through a subnetwork that utilizes a proxy server type routing, masking your outgoing IP connection address
  4. Your IP address is dynamic and changes as you hop from one network access point to another
  5. Your Internet modem intermittently loses connection with the ISP provider causing your IP address to be reassigned

If other sites that detect a wide area network IP address reflect a different IP address, this could be due to the method by which an IP address is acquired. TraceMyIP uses an extensive method of verifying an origin of an IP address, which may significantly defer from other methods utilized by other IP tracker systems.

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