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TraceMyIP utilizes its own proprietary website security and statistics services to measure the audience, help to understand the interaction with the content and protect web content and its users from abuse, reinforce informational privacy and protect integrity and unlawful disclosure of the content.

You have the right to be excluded from being a part of a website statistical data pool via using this form. By submitting this form, your browser will receive a "do not track" cookie" that will be identified by TraceMyIP in order to ignore all browsing activity associated with your current browser. If at any point, this cookie is deleted from your browser's cache, TraceMyIP will not be able to identify your opt-out status. To restore your opt-out status, you'd need to re-visit this page and submit the form again.

(subject to limitations)
By checking this box and clicking on the OPT-OUT button, you agree to enable TraceMyIP to place a time restricted "do not track" cookie into the browser from which you submit this request. This enables TraceMyIP to recognize your current browser and disable its tracking services for a period of 30 days, after which you can renew your opt-out status by visiting this page.

TraceMyIP will not receive the data about your general website browsing activity, excluding the data associated with security monitoring (e.g., such as that required for payment processing), which involves monitoring of all associated website activity without exceptions, thus invalidating this opt-out form's agreement for the above purposes only. TraceMyIP does not make any express or implied warranties for the exclusion mechanisms used via this form. If you purge cookies from your browser at any time or your security software prevents usage of cookies within your browser, this opt-out form will not be able to function as designed.
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