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Add a new website project

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If you already have a TraceMyIP account, then you can quickly create a new project for your website while generating a new visitor tracker code:

  1. Login to your  account
  2. Click on [My Projects] button located in the upper left corner of the console
  3. Select the visitor tracker icon style that you’d like to use (if you need an invisible tracker, you can select any tracker style and once the tracker code is installed on your website, you can enable an invisible tracking mode)
  4. Specify the title of your website and your website URL
  5. Select the code type. The JavaScript Code is a recommended type unless the drop-down menu contains the exact type of your web publishing software. If your web editor does not support JavaScript code, you can create an HTML version of the code, which has fewer features but is the most compatible with most website editors. However, you should always first attempt installing the JavaScript version of the code. If the code installation is successful, the visitor tracker icon will be visible on all pages of your website
  6. Click on the button on the bottom of the form to create your new TraceMyIP account and generate your first visitor tracker code. Save your code to use in the header or the footer of your website. If you cannot install the code in the header or a footer, you will need to add it to all pages of your website individually. Make sure you use the exact same code on all pages.

If for any reason, you have lost your code, you can always log in to your account and recover the visitor tracker code.

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