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TraceMyIP is an innovator of the most comprehensive set of web publisher tools for complete and fully EU GDPR compliant website tracking, statistics, and website analytics services.

With General Data Protection Regulation in place, GDPR compliancy became of the utmost importance for virtually every website publisher worldwide. GDPR was created to unify the data privacy laws across all European Union countries and came into effect on May 25 of 2018.

Beginning from the date of this directive implementation, all website analytics and statistical data captured as a result of website tracking software utilization is bound to be regulated by the law. GDPR requires reinforcement of the website visitor privacy, protection of the acquired data, and restriction of its usage. Without an appropriate set of tools that allow data capture and processing scalability per web publishers' requirements, achieving website visitor tracking compliance can be difficult without investing a significant amount of time in research and the placement of law compliance mechanisms.

GDPR compliant website tracking and analytics software

TraceMyIP delivers highly configurable GDPR compliance tools for website tracking and analytics that simplify the utilization of website visitor tracking software and save precious web publishers' time. Rather than spending the project development time on the implementation of GDPR compliance from the ground up, with help of TraceMyIP web tracking software, web publishers can take advantage of their gained time. The time that's needed for content and service development to be in success. TraceMyIP simplifies the process of compliance implementation and helps overcome the legal challenges associated with the EU GDPR directive.

GDPR Compliant Website Tracking Tools Overview

Ip Address Masking allows you to anonymize computer IP addresses by setting the last octet of IPv4 IPs or the last 80 bits of IPv6 IPs to zeros. Depending on your requirements, you can anonymize IPs before they're stored or after. Note that IP rules are applied before this option affects the processing of an IP address.

For EU GDPR compliance you may need to anonymize EU or ALL IPs (unless capturing and storing IPs is absolutely necessary for purposes such as legal investigation, transaction fraud prevention, etc.).


Here are the options available for IP Address Masking:

  • Store full & show full IPs (ALL)
  • Store full & show masked IPs (ALL)
  • Store masked & show masked IPs (ALL)
  • Store full & show masked IPs (EU only)
  • Store masked & show masked IPs (EU only)
  • Store full & show full IPs (& EU on consent)
  • Store full & show full IPs (ALL on consent)

Computer ID allows you to track specific computers regardless of an IP address and track IP address changes associated with a specific computer ID.

For EU GDPR compliance, if the computer IDs on your logs are associated with personal information, you have the option to disable this feature completely.


Here are the options available for Computer ID Feature:

  • Enable computer IDs
  • Disable computer IDs

Computer ID Masking allows you to anonymize computer IDs by setting the last two characters of a computer ID to zero.

Although computer IDs are non-personally identifying unless associated with IPs or other personal data, you have the option to anonymize the IDs.


Here are the options available for Computer ID Masking:

  • Show ALL computer IDs
  • Mask ALL computer IDs
  • Mask EU computer IDs only

Ip GEO Location Precision adjusts how much GEO location information is displayed on your logs.

For EU GDPR compliance, and depending on your website visitor privacy requirements, you may, for example, further increase your website visitors' privacy by disabling the city-level detection.


Here are the options available for IP GEO Location Precision:

  • Show country / state / city
  • Limit to country / state level
  • Limit to country level

Ip Selective EU Geo-tracking allows you to completely disable or enable EU visitor tracking. If you do not absolutely need to track EU website visitors, you may disable tracking for EU for complete EU GDPR compliance


Here are the options available for IP Selective EU Geo-tracking:

  • Track all GEO locations
  • Track non-EU GEO locations only
  • Track EU GEO locations only
  • Track all GEO locations (& EU on consent)
  • Track all GEO locations (ALL on consent)

Ip Tracker Icons/widgets are the graphic trackers that are displayed on your website and are the functional part of TraceMyIP.

If you have selected a Visitor Tracker style that displays an IP address and other information, you may need to adjust this setting for EU GDPR compliance.


Here are the options available for IP Tracker Icons/Widgets:

  • Show unmasked tracker
  • Show tracker & hide for EU IPs only
  • Show tracker & mask EU IPs only
  • Show tracker & mask ALL IPs
  • Show tracker & unmask EU IPs on consent
  • Show tracker & unmask ALL IPs on consent
  • Show unmasked tracker on consent (or hide)
  • Show masked tracker on consent (or hide)

Tracking Cookie Usage Scope options allow you to adjust the types of cookies used for generating your website statistics.

This setting may need adjustment for EU GDPR compliance, although if you have enabled IP masking, the cookie usage changes its scope since the cookies no longer associate a visitor with personally identifiable tokens such as an IP address.


Here are the options available for Tracking Cookie Usage Scope:

  • Enable all cookie features
  • Use basic aggregated non-PII features
  • Enable all cookie features (& EU on consent)
  • Enable all cookie features (ALL on consent)
  • Disable ALL cookies

Browser Do-Not-Track (DNT) monitoring option enables TraceMyIP tracking implementation to monitor for [Do-Not-Track] setting in your website visitors' browsers.

If a browser has [Do-Not-Track] option enabled, and this monitoring feature is enabled, TraceMyIP will stop tracking that particular browser.


Here are the options available for Browser Do-Not-Track (DNT):

  • Track ALL browsers
  • Honor [Do-Not-Track] for ALL IPs
  • Honor [Do-Not-Track] non-EU IPs only
  • Honor [Do-Not-Track] for EU IPs only

Data Retention Time enables you to automatically purge the real-time website visitor's page loads data that is older than X amount of time.

In relation to EU GDPR compliance, you might be required to delete any personally identifiable data that is no longer needed. Therefore, this option allows you to delete redundant records automatically. Note that this setting does not affect standard aggregated statistics such as the number of hits over a period of hours, days, months, and years, and only deletes detailed pageload data, URLs, and cumulative real-time stats.


More options, more control over your data. Utilizing the above tools is also simplified with a dedicated GDPR compliance tool wizard. Simply select your type of web publishing and the system will automatically configure all of the above options. Gain control of your time. Try TraceMyIP today!

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