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How do I track a Visitor IP across multiple websites?


Tracking a website visitor’s IP activity within multiple websites (domains and subdomains) is one of the great features of TraceMyIP. It allows you to conduct an IP address or a visitor ID surveillance across multiple websites. This means that if a specific visitor navigated more than one of the websites that belong to you, the visitor tracker would allow you to see all websites and pages that were visited by this visitor over time.

To setup a visitor surveillance and enable the browsing history across multiple websites, follow these steps:

  • Locate a s specific website visitor that you would like to track on your logs
  • TAG the visitor
  • Go to “My Contact” and located the tagged visitor
  • Click on the “Activity” link located under the visitor’s name
  • A browsing history across all available websites will be listed.

Each website accessed by the same visitor will be listed as a separate block of data. Each block will contain:

  • The visited project name
  • The primary URL of the project,
  • The number of recent Static IPs and Floating IPs views
  • The time and date of last visit
  • The title and URL of the last visited page

Each block will also contain links to

  1. Static IP Views” – browsing history of pages accessed by by the same visitor with the same IP address
  2. Floating IP Views” – browsing history of pages accessed by the same visitor but with different IP address.

Note that the data above is pulled from a recyclable memory space. This means that depending on your real-time log size, the data may or may not be available after X amount of time. Premium subscriptions have a larger log space and will retain more data over and extended period of time.

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