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TraceMyIP provides a wide range of website statistics and analytics services to assist a webmaster in managing web presence. Unlike self-hosted web stats solutions, with website analytics tools from TraceMyIP, a webmaster can manage simultaneous statistical evaluation of all websites under the same TraceMyIP. All real-time website traffic summary of all website projects are displayed on the same dashboard page.

One of the features of hosted analytics by TraceMyIP is the summary of projects page. This report provides essential information of all website projects being monitored on the same page report. This page is updated in real-time per interval set by a webmaster and provides information such as how many users are currently browsing each website, pageloads graphic chart representing a website traffic flow and number of total page loads on the current day, yesterday, last seven days, last month and total number of visitors. This report can be configured to also display a second row of summary stats which can show either website unique or first time visitors.

Audio notifications are available to alert a webmaster of any new visits. Other data provided is the status of each project, tracking mode, such as hidden or visible, status of HTML or JavaScript tracking, selective geographical tracking, web bots blocking and other web project related statuses.

Unlike self-hosted website analytics platforms, hosted statistics software is updated immediately should any issues arise, helping web publishers to concentrate on work and not on technical performance of web analytics software. There are other advantages of hosted vs. self-hosted web analytics. Hosted web traffic evaluation trackers significantly reduce the loads on the servers that host publisher's content, save data on a dedicated hardware storage independent from the content storage and unlike in self-hosted packages, hosted services by TraceMyIP offer free online technical support available to members 24x7.

website stats summary

Website Analytics Reports. Advanced analytics reports can be accessed by either clicking on the pie chart graphic icon to the left of each project's name or the website project report menu items located under each project name (configurable by user).

All reports are produced in real-time without delays. As soon as there is a visitor activity on a website, the reports are instantly updated. When a JavaScript visitor tracking code is used, it produces the most comprehensive reports available. HTML tracking is also available (not available in Google Analytics), can be used to track websites that do not allow utilization of JavaScript tracking. These can include social networks, CMS (content management systems) and various website creation services.

The main web analytics report menu provides selection of essential reports such as Campaign Tracking, Link Tracking, Page Tracking, Daily Hit Stats, Campaign raw traffic log, Keywords Analytics, Came From Stream, Raw Page Loads Log, Web Visitor List and Web Visitor Map.

The aggregated web analytics logs provide essential info about Traffic, Individual Pages, Web Visitors, System Platforms and Geographical data. All of the data provides an in-depth information on website traffic from a real-time web analytics engine.

website stats menu

Campaign Tracker. This campaign analytics report allows webmasters to track each individual advertising campaings from vendors such as AdWords, Bing Ads, BuySellAds, AdRoll, 7Search, Infolinks, Kontextua,, AdLandmark, Sponsored Tweets, ADsmonster and man others. The Campaign Tracking report provides advanced information about advertising PPC or PPM campaigns, affiliate programs, referrals and advertising costs.

web analytics campaign tracker

The campaign report gives access to other in-depth reporting, which includes but not limited to individual visitor activity tracking, preset campaign clicks, raw data on page views, campaign link abuse and suspected fraudulent activity, conversion data and total earnings.

The HTML5 based charts (user switchable to Flash Charts) are individually renderable for subdivided reports which include Conversions, Bounced Visits, Click Stats and Conversion Earnings. These graph renders can be further drilled down to a yearly, monthly and daily timeframes.

website analytics conversions

Solo Link and Solo Page Trackers. Both tracking tools are separate individual tracking modules that are seamlessly integrated into each project set of analytics tool. These tools go beyond analytics by enabling webmasters to interact with web visitors by creation of conditional action rules. For example a user can create a rule based on a specific visitor data to redirect the visitor or show a popup message to the visitor. Other options include visitor blocking and transitional messages.


Daily Hit Stats. Daily hit statistics report renders a visual representation of page loads, first time, returning and unique visits from the very first date the analytics project is started. This log retains unlimited data for basic and premium accounts. The visual representation is rendered in the form of graphic charts that offer customizable views and date ranges. The charts are zoomable and can be quickly focused on any given time and date range.

The graphic chart data features quick filters that allow switching the analytics charts between Page Loads & Visits, Traffic Sources, Social Engagement and National vs International visitor traffic.

website analytics daily hits

The graphic charts can be further switched between Discrete and Proportional views for a more appropriate graphical data representation.

website analytics chart


Hourly Hit Stats. This analytics report provides chart representation of hourly page load and visit statistics that is measured on an hourly basis. This report can be used to measure real time and recurring traffic from advertising campaigns where a specific timeframe of the day is observed. Other uses include hourly page load and visit summary stats and website uptime monitoring.

website analytics hourly hits


Search Engine Keywords Analytics. Although the keywords data might be somewhat limited due to Google's decision to secure keywords data, all available search engine keywords data is reported on this analytics report. It specifically provides a searchable analysis of all search engine keywords that deliver traffic to a website.

Came From Log (URL Referrers). The "Came From" analytics delivers a searchable list of all referrers that brought visitors to a website. Each referrer entry tracks individual visitor identification in form of an IP address, geographical location, computer system utilized, referring URL address and landing URL address.

Page Loads Log. This analytical reports lists data on every website page requested. It includes website visitor identification data such as ISP, Organization, IP address, physical location, browser and OS data, search keywords data, referrer and landing pages and more. It also provides a webmaster with tools to tag the visitor and track the visitor regardless of an IP address, which allows tracking a visitor's IP address changes in real time.

This log and other logs, also allow web publisher to add searchable notes for each page load.

website counter page views

Visitor List Log. This analytics report produces a comprehensive list containing the most essential data about each single website visitor (not available in Google Analytics).

The information about each visitors consists of indication if a visitor is currently online, how many visits and pages were viewed by each visitor, personal geo information, ISP and Organization data, initial website referrer, ISP host, recent time spent on site and address book data associated with a particular visitor.

The advanced drill-down filter provides options to search visitors that recently changed their IP address, referred by a search engine, came from networks originating within Organizations, and/or currently are actively browsing a website.

website analytics visitors

Visitor Map View. The visitor map generates a geographical overview of all individual visitors that are currently stored in a real-time visitor log. Each visitor's icon on the map is clickable, which allows a webmaster to further drill-down on each visitor's information for further analysis.

The map view is customizable and allows for zooming, satellite and basic road map views.

website analytics maps

Visitor Details. The system provides a dedicated page for each website visitor. The page serves a detailed stream of data reflecting on visitor's web page loading activity, the time spent on site, each page view time and associated address book tagging information.

The following visitor data blocks are integrated into each visitor's informational page:

  • Visitor Status - shows the info on visit durations, recurrence and frequency
  • System - shows data on visitor's computer system utilized, including device operating system, display resolution, browser name and version, browser language, support for cookies and complete device user agent
  • Geo Location - provides publicly accessible (as provided by visitor's ISP) geographical location, and includes longitude and latitude.
  • ISP and Organization - renders data available for visitor's network, and includes ISP, Organization and host information
website analytics ip details

Aggregated web-analytics reports. The aggregative analytics allows producing statistical reports on the entire data stored for each website monitored. The statistical reports provide more in-depth information on visitor flow and how it affected the website traffic data over time.

website analytics software project menus

website analytics log

Traffic Sources. This analytics menu renders reports for website traffic sources

  • External website traffic sources
  • Search engine referred visitors
  • Direct browser URL entry
  • Search engine search keywords
  • Advertising Campaign traffic sources by keywords, name and search queries.

website analytics pages

Website Pages. This analysis consists of the following statistical reports

  • Popularity of each Page by website URL
  • Hourly Web Page Load Averages
  • Visitor Entry and Exit Pages
  • Internal Visitor Referrers
  • HTTPS/SSL Pages
  • Duplicate Web Page Titles
  • Web Pages that are loaded outside of Authorized project's Domain name

website analytics visitors info

Website Visitors. This statistical report menu produces following reports:

  • Most Active Visitor Computer IDs
  • Most Frequent Visitor IPs
  • Most Frequent Visitor Computer IDs
  • Visits Web Page Browsing Depth
  • Visits Stay Durations
  • Visits Recurrence
  • Visitor Bounce
  • Visitor Network Organizations

website analytics systems

Network and System Platforms. Statistical representation is produced for the following

  • User Web Browsers
  • User Screen Resolutions
  • User Flash Versions
  • User System Cookie Support
  • User Agent Strings
  • User Network ISPs
  • User Network Hosts

website analytics geo location

GEO data stats. Most occurring geo markers are statistically divided into reports as follows

  • IP States and Regions
  • IP Cities
  • IP Time Zones
  • IP Browser Languages

More reports are available as drill-downs. All data is acquired instantly without a single second of a delay. Install a website statistics TraceMyIP tracker code to start gathering your website visitor analytics information right away.

To control visitor's access to web pages, integrated Web Page Tracker module allows for instant control over website content. Just install a Web Page Tracker code above the Visitor Analytics Code and configure web page access rules as required. Both JavaScript Website Statistics and Web Page Tracker codes must be installed and loaded on each page.

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