TraceMyIP Privacy Policy

At TraceMyIP ("TraceMyIP, LLC") we believe that our customers ("end-users") should be treated the same as we would want to be treated. Therefore we would like you to know how we collect and use the data we may have that can be related to your identity. To achieve a full understanding and awareness of our operations and ethics, you should read this policy in its entirety.

Scope of this Privacy Policy
The following Privacy Policy applies to the information that we obtain through your direct use of TraceMyIP services or when you otherwise interact with TraceMyIP. This Privacy Policy is a functional part of the Terms of Service, which subsequently constitutes the user agreement.


  1. Collection and Use of Personally Identifiable Information
    TraceMyIP only collects personally identifiable data such as the name, address, phone number and/or email address when it's voluntarily provided by end-users while using the services. This type of information is collected via online forms but is not limited to other communication methods such as electronic, written, and verbal. This information is not shared with any third parties other than those that are absolutely dependent to have this information collected for functional usage, including payment processors.
  2. End-user-to-server connection information
    TraceMyIP requires an IP address, device information, user agent (web browser), and location information to associate with account signup for the following purposes:
    a. Maintenance of an account
    b. User account security provisions
    c. Prevent and counteract events of abuse monitoring and TOS violations
  3. Website visitor statistics data collection
    As a vital function of a website operator, and during your visit to our website and all of its subdomains and other forms of connection to TraceMyIP service, we collect non-personally-identifying information (unless used with personally identifiable keys obtained through a visitor's ISP provider with a legal warrant) and only that web browsers and servers generally make available. Among the data collected are the IP address (anonymized IP address for all EU visitors), visitor uniqueness (with a help of a non-personable identifying browser cookie), browser type and version, browser language, referring URL (excluding personally identifiable variables), visitor ISP provider, hostname, timezone, operating system, screen resolution, and the geolocation of midpoint Internet connection that provides us with the country/state and city of the ISPs' network distribution line instead of an exact visitor location.

    Website visitor data is utilized to
    a. Monitor the security of the online operations
    b. Maintain end-user and company account security
    c. Prevent and counteract events of abuse monitoring and TOS violations
    d. Study overall TraceMyIP visitor statistics as aggregated (combined) data This information is not shared with any third party and is not archived beyond its usability cycle. TraceMyIP provides an option to everyone to opt out from being a collective in website visitor statistics at the following URL:

    Nevertheless, beyond opting out from website statistics data collection, the security operations will continue to rely on and monitor each device connection programmatically to aid in preventing and terminating any service abuse or compromise in the security of data.
  4. End-user service communications and marketing messaging
    Although we do not actively pursue marketing for TraceMyIP services, at any point in time of operations, we may decide to send occasional end-user service-related notifications. Should such an approach arise, each end-user will be provided with full control of communication settings to limit and control such communications.
  5. User account and billing information
    There is no need to create a service account to use some of the service features, such as determining your current connection information or using the freely available public software tools as provided. However, advanced services such as Website Visitor Statistics services require end-users to create an account, which necessitates providing personal information that is used to associate each user with a specific account or/and to pay for premium service features.

    TraceMyIP provides the following type of accounts:
    a. Free service accounts (limited availability). These types of accounts do not require any personal information to be provided beyond a name (real or fiction), an email address (including anonymous), and basic account settings that may request providing regional geographical information to determine the end-user's timezone or other locality or personal computer devices associated settings.
    b. Premium service accounts. These types of accounts require providing partial or full billing information that contains personal data such as billing address, name, payment type account number, expiration date, and CVV (card verification value). These are required to approve and maintain recurring payments and to prevent financial and other types of fraud.

    TraceMyIP uses user-provided account and payment information to authenticate each account, provide users with service notifications as instructed by each end-user, process payments and keep services secure by preventing spam, fraud, and abuse.

    TraceMyIP does not share any of the shared user information with any third party except for the payment processor(s) and associated processing mid-points that serve as a bridge between the payment processor and TraceMyIP user interface.

    Although TraceMyIP does not share each user's account's tracking data as collected by each end-user, TraceMyIP accounts have facilities to enable each end-user with options to assign authorized account users and to publicly share limited statistics that they collect about the websites for which end-users collect the visitor statistics. End-users bear the full responsibility for using these options and are advised to carefully execute any information sharing with either authorized users or by making their website statistics public.
  6. Account sign-up and conversion tracking
    We store aggregated data about our visitors' actions on our website to understand better how they use it. We use this data to improve their experience with our services.
  7. Links (URL pointers)
    TraceMyIP provides website visitor statistics services that allow its end-users to analyze and interact with the data provided. It utilizes URL format to point to external referrers such as those that originate from the referring search engines and other websites. As a TraceMyIP user, you have the option to follow the URLs that are displayed among other statistics associated with the websites that you collect statistical information about. When you click on these links, the referring website that uses visitor statistics services can analyze your clicks and thus detect your visits to their websites, collecting your IP information and the origin from which you obtained their website's URL. This may enable third parties to detect that your visits originate from the website statistical service as provided by TraceMyIP.
  8. Cookies
    A "Cookie" is a small segment of data that is stored on your computer or a mobile device. Cookies used by TraceMyIP are used to implement technologies to allow usage of TraceMyIP services, enable and personalize its services, store opt-in and opt-out visitor preferences, and collect visitor statistics that is used for essential website security, and operations. Advertisers also place their cookies to enable AD services and optimize their ADs.

    The cookie itself does not contain Personal Information such as name, phone number, email address, or physical address, although it may enable TraceMyIP to relate the end-user's utilization of TraceMyIP website site to information that the end-user has explicitly and knowingly had provided to TraceMyIP. A cookie cannot contain data of end-user's data files that are not associated with TraceMyIP service. The service also cannot read the cookie files created by other website domains. TraceMyIP uses cookies to track user traffic patterns (as described above) and sets a unique browser cookie identifier to allow for the site-centric audience measurement. TraceMyIP's ad distribution implementation delivers a one-time cookie to better track ad impressions and click rates.

    TraceMyIP uses cookies to collect non-personally identifying aggregated counts of visits, end-user's login and account preferences, and privacy opt-out markers that allow visitors from being excluded from tracking.

    End-user can refuse cookies by turning their usage off within a browser. If end-user sets the browser to issue a warning before accepting cookies, the end-user will receive a warning message with each cookie before its placement. End-user must, however, have cookies enabled within a browser to utilize TraceMyIP services.
  9. Advertisers and associated Ad Partners
    To sustain and improve its operations, TraceMyIP generates its revenue through premium subscriber services and through third-party-enabled advertising.

    While TraceMyIP does not share any of its website visitor information with third parties, advertisements placed on TraceMyIP website(s) may allow advertisers to collect partial or limited information about the TraceMyIP visitors, such as general website statistics information as outlined in each advertisers TOS. One of the current primary third-party advertising parties utilized is Google AdSense. You can learn about their privacy policy and technology utilization at

    As an end-user, you have the option to opt-out from advertisements being displayed under your TraceMyIP account by purchasing a premium TraceMyIP subscription that disables any ads being displayed under your TraceMyIP account, therefore disabling any advertising third-party from collecting information about you.
  10. Non-Personal Data
    We may share and/or disclose non-personal data, such as aggregated information of a number of TraceMyIP users who engaged in certain activities and historical data of user interaction with TraceMyIP services, including any polls or user forum statistics.
  11. Law, Public Interest, and Harm
    Although our privacy policy is designed and reinforced to protect your privacy, we reserve the right to use, and disclose your personal data on the grounds of a belief that is necessary to be in compliance with applicable country laws, regulations, legal processes or government requests in order to protect the safety of any person or integrity of our system, including but not limited to spam, abuse and any other malicious harm and to protect the rights or property of those individuals or companies who utilize our services.
  12. Informational Security
    TraceMyIP sets informational security as a top priority. It uses a combination of administrative and technical interactions to maintain the security of data that belongs to both TraceMyIP and its customers. This includes service-side data encryption for critical data and using Transport Layer Security ("TLS") to encrypt the transmission of data between TraceMyIP and its customers.
  13. TraceMyIP's role as data processor
    As a data processor, TraceMyIP collects and processes data as instructed and captured by a Customer. It does not share data with any third party other than the Customer and its appointed entities that the Customer grants direct or indirect access to processed data. TraceMyIP follows specific instructions as provided by a customer to collect, store and retain the data. The data is securely stored and hosted within the same data center in its appointed hosting service provider.

    Once a service agreement between the Customer and TraceMyIP expires, the Customer's personal data and all account statistics data is archived and kept for a grace period to allow for resuming and renewal of the services and as long as necessary for the legitimate business interests, for legal reasons, and to prevent cause and harm. The subscription payment account information (such as an account number and payment expiration date) is deleted immediately upon service subscription expiration.
  14. Data Erasure and Access
    Per compliance requirements of GDPR, EU data subjects have the right to request access to the complete deletion of personal data by data controllers and processors. If your personal data pertains to your TraceMyIP account, log in to your account and submit a technical support ticket to initiate the erasure of your TraceMyIP account and associated data. If you would like to request an erasure of your visit information to TraceMyIP website, please contact us via email with the proof from your ISP that verifies you as an owner of data to be erased from our system.
  15. Third Parties Privacy Policies
    TraceMyIP utilizes the following third-party billing services that provide the following privacy policies
    PayPal -
    Authorize.Net -
  16. General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) (EU) Compliance
    Starting from May 25th of 2018, TraceMyIP as Data Processor provides GDPR data processing tools to its end-users to assist with compliance with the applicable laws. As an integrated part of this Privacy Policy, which must be accepted by TraceMyIP end-users, a GDPR Data Processing Addendum has been updated and can be found at
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