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Recover a visitor tracker code


In this tutorial, we will show you how to recover your website visitor tracker code.

Navigate to “My Projects” page. Locate the project that you need to recover a visitor tracker code for.

Under the “Manage” column, click on the “Tracker Code” link. Pick the style of a desired visitor tracker icon. On this screen, select a code type that’s applicable to your website. If your website supports JavaScript code, it is recommended that you use it as it will provide you with the most extensive visitor tracking data.

If you would like to share your visitor tracking data with other people who visit your site, enable the “Public Statistics” checkbox. This could be a good idea to show your website visitors that your website content is popular if you have more than a few visitors a day.

Click on the “Get Code” button. On this screen, you will be able to right-click on the code and copy it to your clipboard. You can then use it in the header or the footer of your website. The header is a better option, as it will track your visitors immediately before your entire website page loads. Note that you will need to remove the current visitor tracker code from your website if you intend to replace it with a new style. Having more than one style of visitor tracker icon throughout your website will interfere with visitor tracking.

If you have a separate website template for mobile devices, don’t forget to place your visitor tracker code in both, standard AND mobile device templates.

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