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Generate a visitor IP tracker code


A website visitor IP tracking code is used to monitor web traffic and gather information on how people use and obtain online information. With help of a visitor tracking application, a web publisher is able to improve on the content and optimize the website to be more useful to the visitors and provide better functionality overall.

The website visitor tracker code is generated when you do the following:

  1. Sign up for the first time and Create a New User Account When you initially create your TraceMyIP and add a new project, you’ll be automatically provided with a visitor tracking code

  2. Add a New Project to your existing account
    Each time you add a new website project to your console, the system will generate a dedicated visitor IP tracking code. Click on the [Add a New Project] link above to the review procedure on how to add another website tracking project to your console.

  3. Recover a Visitor Tracker Code for an existing project
    When you already have a project and need to recover or generate a new style of visitor tracker for a particular project, you will be provided with a new tracking code. You can click on the above provided [Recover a Visitor Tracker Code] link to follow the steps to produce a new code for an existing project.

Please note that the Visitor Tracker Code must be the same on all pages of your website. You cannot generate different styles for different pages as the system will disable the tracking. In other words, each one of your websites must use the same tracker code on all of its pages. However, each website project may have different styles of tracking code.

The best location for the tracker code is the header (recommended) or the footer of your website.

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