How to access a project’s statistics data

To access your website visitor tracking data, login to your TraceMyIP account. Navigate to “My Projects” page.

On “My Projects” page, you will find a “Project Menu” drop down. Here, you can choose a preferred method of accessing your project statistics.

By default, the “Project Menu” is set to “Always Show Below”, which means that the “Project Menu” will appear just below your project’s summary data. You can select any report desired from this menu by simply clicking on the report menu button. This might be convenient if you only have less then a few projects.

If you have more than a few projects, and it makes the projects summary page too long to scroll, you can make it more compact by hiding the “Project Menu”.

You can do so by either selecting a “Pie Chart Click” or “Pie Chart Hover” options from the “Project Menu” drop down.

You can then access the “Project Menu” by either clicking or hovering your mouse over a pie chart icon to the left of each project’s name.

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