Disable Rocket Loader to enable Visitor IP Tracking

Rocket Loader is an optional JavaScript code processor that is used to optimize website loading time by deferring the loading of all of your JavaScript until after an entire page has been rendered. While this may sound like a great idea, unfortunately it does not work for many JavaScript programs that must be executed in real-time without deferring. This also affects TraceMyIP visitor tracking and disables the real-time visitor surveillance.

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Due to the fact that the Rocket Loader is known to cause issues on websites that extensively utilize and depend on JavaScript, it’s normally disabled by the Cloudflare’s WordPress plugin when “Apply Recommended Cloudflare Settings for WordPress” button is pressed. However, in case if the recommended settings are not applied by the user, and the Rocket Loader remains enabled, it will interfere with some JavaScripts on the websites and needs to be disabled.

disable Rocket Loader Cloudfare

To disable Rocket Loader and to ensure that all JavaScript programs are properly executed on your website, go to your Cloudflare dashboard and click on the Speed tab. Scroll down to the “Rocket Loader”, and toggle the feature off.

TraceMyIP website visitor tracking should now be enabled and the visitor tracker icon is visible on all pages of your website.

* Note that after disabling the Rocket Loader, other scripts that did not work earlier on your website will now start running. If some scripts were not previously checked for functionality, it is advised to carefully check your website for loading errors after the Rocket Loader is disabled to prevent invalid scripts from disabling the visitor tracker code.

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