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What are the benefits of a paid subscription?

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TraceMyIP offers both, FREE and PREMIUM level subscriptions. There are significant differences between both types.

Free subscription

Great for a beginner website that does not bring a lot of traffic or has little to no security risks. Free-level subscription allows a beginner webmaster to get familiar with visitor tracking software.

If you do not have a demand for improved GEO tracking and do not need advanced reports for statistics and IP addressing then this could be a good way to start.

The data for free accounts is processed on a first-come, first-serve basis. Therefore the data processing still occurs at a regular pace but is not prioritized between the accounts on the same server.

Although Free Subscriptions offer a great way of tracking IP addresses and visitor statistics, the features remain limited. To unlock the full potential of website visitor tracking, consider a premium subscription.

Premium Subscriptions

Premium subscriptions take visitor tracking capabilities to a next level. These accounts feature a different type of processing of the incoming data and prioritize data processing for speed and precision.

Some of the advantages of Premium over Free subscriptions

  • Premium accounts are processed faster and before any free subscribers on the same server receive their data.
  • The data accuracy is increased due to more server resources allocation and usage of multiple sources of data simultaneously
  • The tracker device compatibility is extended
  • Paid subscriptions allow for more websites to be tracked simultaneously under the same account, allowing the users to search for visitor paths across multiple websites or subdomains under the same account.
  • Level 3+ subscribers can benefit for a fully unlocked visitor notification system that notifies the webmasters of visits for tagged visitors
  • The primary IP log database size is significantly increased for premium subscriptions, which allows a larger pool of IP addresses to be collected for analysis and more precise IP address change tracking
  • Enabled text and keywords search for real-time IP logs
  • Availability of a full set of EU GDPR compliance tools
  • Cookieless tracking option
  • Selective GEO tracking – avoid unnecessary data by limiting the GEO location coverage of incoming traffic
  • Increased number of IP tags for following specific visitors across multiple websites and observing their IP address changes
  • Unlocked Page and Link tracking options, that allow controlling who and when can access specific pages of your website
  • Availability of advanced IP blocking rules that allow blocking or redirecting specific visitors when they visit pages or follow the links
  • Advanced campaign tracking that allows for detecting and collecting IPs that produce invalid or malicious clicks
  • Ad-free service with complete data privacy
  • Higher server CPU allocation allows for a faster and more precise tracking
  • Priority technical support
  • Your financial support allows TraceMyIP developers to maintain better service and support, giving you the best priority among the users

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