calculate the number of characters, letters or characters in a sentence

Remove Duplicate Spaces, Lines and Tabs

Count number of words and number of characters / letters in text

The features of the online duplicate spaces, tabs and lines removal tool

This duplicates remover helps to accomplish the following:
  1. Scan and replace repeating spaces with a single space
  2. Replace duplicate tabs with a single tab space
  3. Find repeated line breaks and replace two or more consequent lines with a single new line
  4. Replace spaces, lines and tabs individually or with a click of single [Remove All Duplicates] button
  5. Replace ALL spaces, new lines and tabs with a single space to create a continuous line of text.
  6. Count words, characters (includes spaces), spaces alone, lines and tabs.
The sample text provided by default can help you to test the tool. If you need to restore the original sample text after you have processed it with the tool, simply press the [Reset] button.
Words:     Characters:     Spaces:     Lines:     Tabs:

Additional info on deleting the repeated spaces, tabs and lines

When text is pasted into the editor window, special text formatting such as colors and special text effects is removed. You can refer to words, characters, spaces, lines and tabs counters for difference between the original and processed text.

Once you finish deleting the repeating elements from your text, you can further make edits of the text directly within the text editor window then press [Copy To Clipboard] button to copy the text back into your clipboard. To process another batch of text, click on the [Clear] button to remove the text from the text editor.

If your browser provides spell checking feature, the editor window will allow you to utilize your browser's spell checking capabilities.

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