change and update sentence case to lower case, upper case, sentence case, capital case or title case

Sentence Case Converter

Convert and fix sentence case to uppercase, lowercase, title case or sentence case

The Sentence Case Converter is an online text and word processing utility

This online tool allows you to quickly accomplish the following tasks:
  1. Check and fix the sentences that have errors in sentence case or word case utilization
  2. Count total number of characters (including spaces) and separate words in the entire text
  3. Convert lowercase or mixed case sentences and words to UPPERCASE, lowercase, Capital Case, Sentence case and Title Case (title case is for English only)
    • UPPERCASE - converts lowercase or mixed case to all capital letters
    • lowercase - takes a mixed case and converts all letters to lower case
    • Sentence Case - capitalizes the first letter of the first word in the sentence and all "I" characters
    • Title Case - capitalizes the first letter of each word except for the stop words such as 'and', 'or', 'by', 'as', 'per', 'on', etc. This particular conversion option will only process English characters.
    • Capital Case - capitalizes the first letter of each word without exceptions
Words:     Characters:

Other notes on Case Conversion tool usage

When you paste the text into the tool input window, any formatting such as font colors and style associated with the text will be removed and converted to plain text for easier accessibility. If you need a larger input area preview, drag the right corner of the text area down to expand its size.

Proper text case utilization is critically important for search engine propagation. If the words in sentences are not properly capitalized, or lower and upper case is mixed up, the search engine would down-rank your content's importance.

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