Link Tracker - URL Controller, Protector & Click Monitor

Works as page access limiter / protector, IP blocker, link redirector, and ads click counter

Link Tracker is an integrated module that comes with each visitor tracker project and is a part of system. Link tracker helps to protect contact pages, user forums, and guestbooks from abuse and to filter offending web traffic via geographical and IP range filters. To use the Link Tracker, register an account, create a website visitor tracking project, and then add a Link Tracker to a corresponding project ID.

Link Tracker allows you to:

  • Track and secure any URL/link on your website
  • Count link clicks for each click, first-time visits and returning visits
  • Calculate your revenue per first time, returning, and all clicks
  • Track email links and ad campaigns
  • Provide geo-targeting for your website content - Redirect and geotarget your visitors depending on their country of origin.
  • Prevent credit card fraud by redirecting unwanted payment gateway traffic to a dummy checkout page
  • Stop comment and contact form spammers. Protect guestbooks, user forums, and chat rooms from being spammed with offending content by blocking specific, countries, states, cities, and visitor IPs, including entire IP ranges.
  • Protect user forums and chat rooms from spamming by visitors from disallowed countries or visitors with blocked IPs.
  • Protect and block login and membership forms from accessing by bulk sign-up and spam scripts
  • Redirect visitors by creating Link Tracker access control rules
  • Filter visitors' link access by IP, GEO, and TIME Range
  • Use IP Blocker to redirect any visitor, show a blank page, a message, or under construction page.
  • Use link tracker to protect the pages on your website from spammers by Geographical Allocation Control
  • Permit or block access to file downloads
  • Track links that point outside of your domain
  • Protect an email address posted on your website
  • Create vacation notices using a TIME Control module
  • Using a single Link Tracker, redirect users to different pages
  • Communicate with your visitors! Deliver messages to visitors with specific IPs!

Custom visitors redirect filters

Link Tracker

Redirect URL and message actions

URL Tracker

Link Tracker is a universal module that works similarly to the Page Tracker module, which adds the capability to control individual pages just like the Link Tracker controls URLs.

Each project allows setting up Link and Page Trackers individually. Using both allows you to have complete control over all links and pages on your website.

link tracker interface

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