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What is TraceMyIP?

TraceMyIP is a collaborative project established by creative individuals like you. The entire service is driven by an inspired group of programmers. It is consistently improved by the demands of user feedback. The service is designed for personal and business website developers and offers complete privacy of the data obtained. Not only TraceMyIP allows collecting web statistics information, it serves as a security tool to help to prevent common unethical and illegal activities on the Internet such as financial fraud, unwanted solicitation, and invasion of privacy.

Creating, maintaining, and providing user support requires significant time to be invested by the developers in a single week, thus, the requirement to hire talented individuals from time to time is an essential path to the project's overall health.

Currently, we have the need to fulfill the following freelance positions:

  • Technical Writer- produce text and/or video tutorials and maintain current documentation
  • SEO / Marketing Expert- creatively increase brand awareness
  • Your Talent - use the talent you have to add a unique perspective to TraceMyIP and become a part of a fun project!

All positions are to be fulfilled immediately as soon as the right candidates are found. The compensation is negotiable and can be either based on a per-project, per-unit or per-hour basis. Although the positions are on a freelance basis, there is a potential for a long-term collaboration.

Technical Writer (open)

The position involves producing of text tutorials on how to install a visitor tracker code on various social networks and publishing platforms. The tutorials are to be posted on TraceMyIP help pages and should ultimately be further translated into video tutorials to be posted on our YouTube channel.

As a technical documentation writer, you will be interacting with one of the software engineers.

Project outline:

  1. Learn TraceMyIP user interface and get proficient in using it
  2. Routinely search for social networks, blog platforms, and online website-building tools that can utilize our software and write tutorials on tracker code installation for their end-users.
  3. Routinely check existing tutorials to keep them current

Candidate requirements:

  1. Provide current examples of your work and feedback from existing clients
  2. Experience in writing for a technical and non-technically inclined audience
  3. Detail oriented with the ability to manage priorities and workflow
  4. Ability to analyze and organize information logically and visually
  5. Experience with Photoshop
  6. Proficiency with HTML and CSS to compile HTML documentation pages
  7. Strong command of English grammar
  8. Ability to consistently dedicate X number of hours each week
  9. Work with limited supervision
  10. Be available to communicate via phone and/or instant chat
SEO / Social Marketing Expert (assigned candidates)

We need a dedicated marketing person/team to provide consulting and execute a strategic approach to increase consumer awareness of our product via the following methods but not limited to:

  1. SEO (not blind but targeted link building)
  2. Dedicated blog website
  3. Online ad campaigns
  4. Social networking
  5. Posting on related blogs, forums, Facebook, and Twitter threads
  6. YouTube viral marketing
  7. News articles
  8. Local advertising ideas such as newspapers, flyers, etc.
  9. Research of methods used by competition and applying most effective marketing techniques used

The position would require you to create written content, design graphic ads, manage ad campaigns, and utilize any other necessary means of getting a message across. The other important task would be to analyze and help us to optimize the front end of the website to increase service sign-up conversions.

The target audience is any person or a business that tracks their online website presence via tracking individual visitors.


  1. Possess strong English grammar to write easy-to-understand and effective web content
  2. Provide portfolio and examples of your work to showcase effective product marketing experience, including marketing via social networks
  3. Possess HTML and graphic design skills
  4. Learn our website statistics software
  5. Work independently
  6. Provide timely reports

Please note, we are NOT looking for SE backlinks to increase page rank via so-called black hat marketing. Your job would be to generate qualifying traffic to our company's website that would increase the conversion rate (customers that sign up for free and paid service plans).

Your Talent! (open)

You have the talent and you believe you can take an advantage of it to have fun and help TraceMyIP to be heard. If that's the case, don't hesitate to drop us a note with your idea! We love the arts because they inspire us to live better and make the world a better place.

Here are some ideas on how you could apply your talents and help us while having fun and a real audience! Create something artsy and original that would place TraceMyIP in an original perspective. For example, you could express yourself by:

  • Creating a funny storytelling or educational video
  • Composing an original song
  • Creating an illustration, animation, or static graphic to improve our public image
  • Proposing an idea and helping to implement it to improve the service itself
  • Applying any other imaginable or unimaginable art talents to create something unique TraceMyIP could be proud of
  • Turning our boring pages to something more exciting

Essential Requirements:

  1. Be available to communicate via phone or instant chat
  2. All work must be original and created solely for TraceMyIP
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