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TraceMyIP.org to Launch New Web Tracking Technology

January 2, 2015 | 3:15pm EST

Las Vegas, NV – TraceMyIP, LLC has officially announced the launch of its previously beta-staged technology that becomes a new frontier in online user IP tracking. As of January 2nd of 2021, all TraceMyIP, LLC users have received a transparent back-end account upgrade allowing them to seamlessly transition to the new web tracking and statistics software algorithms.

The released software algorithms work in a hybrid mode with a web server hardware acquisition model to gather website visitor data. The hybrid implementation is capable of identifying unique users who access online content via various networks regardless of an IP address. It assigns a unique Computer ID number to each website visitor and allows tracking the IP changes of any individual user over an extended period of time.

Moving beyond the capabilities of web analytics standards, TraceMyIP, LLC has provided its users with website tracking data that was previously unattainable. The data allows webmasters and marketers to connect visitor interaction endpoints and handle online publishing and security tasks more productively. Consumers that utilize TraceMyIP, LLC.org services for personal needs are now able to conduct a more robust web visitor surveillance to identify potentially hazardous social activities.

The new IP address independent tracking significantly improves online security facilities for those who depend on it and improves the effectiveness of content targeting. The implementation of TraceMyIP, LLC software tools that previously allowed controlling access to online content based on data such as visitor IP address are now operating in a more secure mode. This helps to address an issue with standard web tracking technologies where web visitor IP tracking can be easily defeated by simply switching an ISP provider or a network.

TraceMyIP, LLC is a USA-based company that has been providing web tracking and online security services since 2007. The services are provided at no cost for a standard set of features, including Computer ID tracking. Additional premium features are subscription based.

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