calculate the number of characters, lines, letters or characters in a sentence

Count Words, Characters and Lines

Count number of words, characters/letters and number of lines in text

The Words and Characters counter tool is a free and fast online utility

This simple tool provides the following text and sentence processing functions:
  1. Scans and checks the provided text for total number of words
  2. Counts the total number of characters in a sentence or a large text body
  3. Calculates the total number of lines or line breaks in text
  4. Allows for text editing while simultaneously counting the total number of words, letters and lines as you type
  5. Processes the character, word and line counts in a sentence while ignoring special characters and punctuations to avoid miscalculation.
  6. Allows for a quick text copy after the text editing is complete while preserving the original text format.
The character count includes white spaces. The word count is determined by separation of words by white spaces; however, separation by special characters is ignored for an accurate word count function. The number of lines is calculated by splitting the [\r\n] control characters and includes the empty lines.
Words:     Characters:     Lines:

Notes on Word and Character counter usage

When you paste a sentence or large text body into the input text window, all formatting such as colors and special text effects are removed to properly process the provided text. However, the spaces, tabs, new lines and paragraphs are preserved. You can see the words and letters counts in real-time as you type or edit the text.

Once you finish editing your text, press on [Copy To Clipboard] button to copy the text in the exact same format as it appears in the input window. If you need to make the window larger, simply drag the right lower corner down to make it vertically larger. Press [Clear] button to remove all text from the text input area.

If your browser supports spell checking, the input text field will allow for direct content spell checking.

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