HTML unordered bulleted and ordered numbered list maker

HTML Bulleted List and Number List Maker

Generate an HTML bulleted or numbered lists from text

What does this list generator do?

This simple tool provides the following functions:
  • Converts plain text into an HTML formatted unordered bulleted or ordered numbered lists
  • Can utilize different type of list item separators, such as new-line, comma, semicolon, colon, vertical, hash, ampersand, asterisk, percent, plus and dash symbols
  • Removes white spaces around each list item
  • Compresses HTML list output code for smaller HTML code footprint
How to use this tool:
  • Paste or type your list text items separated by new-line, comma, semicolon, colon, vertical, hash, ampersand, asterisk, percent, plus and dash symbols.
  • Under the "List TEXT Items" input box, select how your bulleted or numbered lines are separated, then pick what type of list you'd like to create
  • Select other options as needed
  • Click on the [Create HTML List] button to create to your list
  • Click on the [Copy To Clipboard] button to copy your list
List TEXT Items
Generated list in HTML format

Additional tips on usage of this generator tool

When content is pasted into the input text field, all special text formatting is removed (if present).

The "List TEXT Items" input field can be expanded in size by dragging the right lower corner down. If you have issues with list not being generated, ensure that the right type of list items separator has been selected from the drop down menu.

If your browser provides spell checking, the input and output text fields will allow for direct spell checking functions.

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