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The simplest to use website visitor counter and statistics software on the web!

FREE Private Website Visitor Tracking Service for Personal & Business Use
Designed for blogs, social networks, & business websites, and secure (SSL) eCommerce web stores.

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NOTE: Only ONE visitor tracker STYLE can be installed per website.
Installing multiple tracker styles will interfere with producing accurate tracking results.
1. Select style of the tracker
2. Generate your visitor tracker code
3. Place it in the header or the footer of your website
4. Login to to start tracking your website visitors

Select Counter Type
   Page Views counters
   Visits counters
The only difference between the tracker styles is their appearance on your web pages. You can also specify any starting number for a counter under your project's settings.
PRIVATE Trackers

IP Address Boxes

IP Info COMBO Boxes

BASIC Page View Counters

BASIC Visits Counters

SPECIAL Page Views Counters

SPECIAL Visits Counters

BADGES Page Views Counters

BADGES Visits Counters

Hidden / Invisible Tracker Option
  Install any visible tracker style, ensure that it shows up on all pages of your website, then login to your account and follow these simple steps to make it hidden: Enable Invisible Tracker  

To start, click above on the style of the IP / Visitor tracker icon you would like to use
and follow the screen prompts.

Designed for personal & business websites, blogs and secure (SSL) eCommerce web stores.

Private Website Visitor IP Counter & Analyzer Features: allows you to:
• Privately and securely monitor your website(s) traffic 24x7
     - No advertisements are placed on your website(s)!
• Track multiple websites with one secure account in real time
• Monitor each visitor IP individually and track visitor IP changes
• Achieve a better compliance with the EU Cookie Law using cookie free tracking solution. EU Cookie Law applies to specific European Union member states and ALL websites that target EU residents.
• Trace all sources of your website traffic
• Selectively track only specific countries to save the log space and make the tracking reports more relevant with Selective Tracking mode
• See the number of current online visitors browsing your website(s) in real time and their new and first time visit IP addresses
• Bookmark, tag and assign full contact info to individual visitors
• Track advertising campains by Google, Yahoo, MSN and other providers
• Track Feedburner RSS referrers statistics
• Track and control individual links and pages on your website
• Detect if your content is placed under a different domain name
• Control public access to individual pages and links by IP, country and time range tools
• Add additional authorized users to your account with full or limited access
• Keep all your personal and business website visitor traffic records private. Your advanced visitors' statistics and your email address are never shared with anyone (unless you decided share your stats). Not even with advertisers. That's the difference makes.

Access the following information:
• Accurate Real-Time website visitors' clicks statistics
• Hourly, daily, yearly & hourly traffic statistics charts
• Cumulative hourly statistics to see which hours of a day are most busy for your website(s)
• Search engine localization analysis & website traffic flow ratios
• Keywords visitors use to find your website(s)
• Date & time of each individual page view
• Visitors activity and visit frequency statistics
• Visitors' geographical location information on country, state & city levels
• Visitors' operating system, screen resolution, language usage, flash versions, cookie support, user agent stings, etc.
• Visitors' browser name & version
• Individual visitor's clicks and IP address statistics
• Unique individual & returning website visitor statistics
• External link analysis to see what links bring you most of the traffic
• Most popular pages on your website analysis with click counts for individual web page
• Primary entry and exit pages
• SSL page statistics
• SEO duplicate title stats

Easy to use tracking system features:
• Easy 20-second setup for each new website. No waiting.
• No experience or special training needed to understand your website visitor stats
• Full charting support for Windows & MAC based systems. Adobe Flash and HTML5 charting.
• Support for JavaScript, HTML and native PHP environments
• Statistics system doesn't affect the way your website works
• Realtime visitor traffic statistics analysis and mapping
• Individual page or secure webstore product views tracking
• Email and print campaign mediums localization reports
• Secure SSL (HTTPS) eCommerce online store statistics reports
• Support for wide range of websites, blogs, forums, personal web pages, eCommerce web stores, professional corporate and other web based establishments that support Javascript, HTML and PHP.
• Support for HTML only content management systems that do not allow usage of the javascript.
• Invisible tracker mode - can be enabled under each project's settings for Level 2+ subscriptions.
Sign up and check out many other available features!

All in *real time* with
easy to understand charts.

Get the code, login to your account, and trace your website visitors' activity now!

Supported: HTML Code - Compatibility Mode 2, BBCode - Bulletin Board Code, PHP Code - For PHP files only, (, Angelfire Free (, Angelfire Premium (, (, (, (, (, (blogspot), blogTV (, Buzznet (, (, (craigslist), (, (, (, (,, Edicy (, (, (, (, (, (, Friends for Sale Next Generation (, Fubar (, Google Sites (, GrabMania (, HumanPets (, (, (, Homestead (, (, (, Jimdo (, Joomla, Jigsy (, (, (, LiveVideo (, (,lastfm), (, Moonfruit (,,,,, Microsoft Office Live (, MSN Spaces (, (, (, MyHeritage (, NetworkSolutions - Business (, NetworkSolutions - ImageCafe, Ning (, (, (, (, (, Pledgie (, Forums, (, (, SugarLoot (, SharePoint2010 (, (, Simple Machines SMF Forum, (, (, Squidoo (, Squarespace (, (, (, (,, (, Viviti (, VIPsociety (, (, (, Website Tonight InstantPage GoDaddy (, Wordpress - hosted at (, Wordpress - self-hosted at your domain (, (, (, Webnode (, Webstarts (, Wikispaces (, (, (,,, - Royal (, Other Social Networks, Other Blog Providers and many others.


Summary of The Service • Frequently Asked Questions Advanced Statistics Services

- - -

Q: Does provide a non-interrupted website traffic statistics acquisition?
A: Yes, provides 24x7 Website traffic monitoring provides a complete traffic logging monitoring and statistics service with the highest uptime in the industry of 97%. The other 3% includes the necessary system updates and the statistics database maintenance. As the number of personal and business website users grows, the servers are added to the visitor tracing system to maintain the speed of the statistics acquisition.

Q: Does support HTML only counters for websites based on content management systems?
A: Absolutely, supports websites that do not allow Javascript code usage.

The HTML code provided by registration system, allows you to track and count visits on websites based on content management systems. These include HTML Code - Compatibility Mode 2, BBCode - Bulletin Board Code, PHP Code - For PHP files only, (, Angelfire Free (, Angelfire Premium (, (, (, (, (, (blogspot), blogTV (, Buzznet (, (, (craigslist), (, (, (, (,, Edicy (, (, (, (, (, (, Friends for Sale Next Generation (, Fubar (, Google Sites (, GrabMania (, HumanPets (, (, (, Homestead (, (, (, Jimdo (, Joomla, Jigsy (, (, (, LiveVideo (, (,lastfm), (, Moonfruit (,,,,, Microsoft Office Live (, MSN Spaces (, (, (, MyHeritage (, NetworkSolutions - Business (, NetworkSolutions - ImageCafe, Ning (, (, (, (, (, Pledgie (, Forums, (, (, SugarLoot (, SharePoint2010 (, (, Simple Machines SMF Forum, (, (, Squidoo (, Squarespace (, (, (, (,, (, Viviti (, VIPsociety (, (, (, Website Tonight InstantPage GoDaddy (, Wordpress - hosted at (, Wordpress - self-hosted at your domain (, (, (, Webnode (, Webstarts (, Wikispaces (, (, (,,, - Royal (, Other Social Networks, Other Blog Providers and many others. Although the information gathered through HTML code replacement is somewhat limited, you will still be able to see your visitors statistics such as how many individual and returning visits you had each day, how many pages were viewed on your site, the website visitors' geographical location, what pages each visitor has looked at and other pertinent information.

Q: How can I count my website visitors from several websites and display the results in one place?
A: allows its users to monitor multiple websites with only one account.

The most exciting feature provides is collecting website visitors' hit statistics across multiple domains, subdomains and various website configurations while displaying all of the information in an easy to understand format - all under one user account. The traffic statistics from multiple websites are displayed on a single member's summary page,  giving the user a way to easily compare the website traffic and evaluate the health of each individual website simultaneously.

Q: By using as my website visitor counter, will I find the website visitor counter statistics to be accurate?
A: Absolutely. The proprietary algorithms developed by the team are the most accurate in the world.

Not only your visitors are evaluated on a "private cookie placement" level, but they are also evaluated by a unique Internet Protocol ID, thus reassuring the most accurate website users' counts. Website clicks are recorded and divided into the three major groups:
1. All web visitors' clicks across the entire content of the website pages
2. Visitor clicks from unique computers to display how many unique website visitors you have had for any specified period of time
3. Returned visitor clicks to find out how many of your website visitors returned to your website after a while.

Q: How can I monitor my websites' hourly traffic?
A: With free (1) Year user membership from, you can access the easy to understand charts for 24-hour traffic stats.

The last 24-hour website traffic statistics displays all your website visitors clicks in the form of an easy to understand chart that tells you about the most active visitor traffic flow. This is useful if you run real-time website promotion campaigns or TV advertisement campaigns. By looking at the real time 24-hour statistics, it becomes much easier to track your visitor's activity during the special promotional events thus giving you an ability to maximize the total success of your website operations.

Q: How do I find which search engine brings more visitor traffic to my website?
A: One of the exciting features of is the capability to see which major search engines bring the most traffic.

In a pie chart form, you can see a real-time search engine statistics which reflects the most recent source of your website visitors, giving you a pertinent information on how well your search engine optimization has worked, as well as a good idea on what direction you should move in to improve your website traffic.

Q: How can I find out which words (keywords) my website visitors used to find my website?
A: Keyword activity log is your answer.

Simply use the "keywords" button when you are logged in to and it will give you the complete keywords statistics. Those would be all the words that people that visited your website have used to find your website. Furthermore, by clicking on each keyword, you can exactly see what search engine brought you the traffic for that particular keyword and exactly the page where your website visitors typed in that particular word. Just as if you were in front of their computer monitor!

Q: Would the website visitor statistics software from show the traffic log date and time?
A: Yes. The complete date and time information is recorded for each user click.

And that's not all. The visitor activity and browsing history provides the time feedback for any time zone in the world. The search engine keyword activity, the referrer activity, the real-time page loads traffic - all have date and time assigned to them.

Q: Can I locate my website's visitor by geographical location?
A: Certainly! The website visitor locator services are a part of the web visitor tracking system built-in within the website statistics service.

What's more, not only you can trace your website visitors by country of origin, but you can track your visitor's origin on state and city levels. That's pretty exciting as it allows you to track your local advertising campaigns with a better success.

Q: Is it possible to track my website visitors' computers?
A: Yes, this is another cool web visitor's identification feature of the system.

You can see the operating system name and version, web browser name and version and even your website visitors' monitor resolution! This will help you to make the right website design decisions when targeting a certain range of audience.

Q: Do I need to have any special training to use website statistics and analysis software?
A: Not at all. is the most easiest to use and understand website tracking software in the world.

Among a wide variety of users at, there were only a few who had questions on the usage of the system. The easy to understand design of website visitor analysis software makes it a perfect tool to use and not to learn!

Q: Does the HTML / JavaScript visitor tracing code affect my website operations?
A: No. If the visitor tracking code is installed properly, your website functions should not be affected.

Regardless of the website visitor tracking system's operating status, whether it is down for maintainance or up and running, your website will keep running as it's supposed to.

Q: How long does it take to install the HTML / JavaScript code for my website?
A: Less than 10 seconds.

All you need to do is to click on the style of the website visitor tracker you would like to use, enter your website URL and email address and paste it into the HTML section of your website between the <body> tags. That's all.

Q: How is my website visitor's statistics data maintained? How long will it last?
A: It's permanently archived and stored for the lifetime of your account.

All visitors' activity such as page load counters, unique visits counters, returning visitor counters and the cumulative web visitor counters' values are stored in's database for as long as your account is active.

Q: When I used another website statistics service on my SSL (HTTPS) website, I was getting the following error: "this page contains both secure and non-secure items ". Will I have the same problem with visitor tracing and counter code?
A: Absolutely not! The system is designed to handle professional commercial web commerce applications and websites.

To avoid "this page contains both secure and non-secure times" message displaying on your website, simply login to your account and select "Add New Project" from the user menu. As you go through the prompt of creating a project, simply check the box to have an SSL / HTTPS compatible website visitor tracking code. This will resolve any problems associates with an error message "this page contains both secure and non-secure items "

Q: Is there a way to track the success of my email campaigns?
A: This is another feature of the system.

Simply create a project and place a specially generated code into the webpage of your email campaign message and watch the success and statistics of your web promotion email campaign in real time.

Q: Can I track separate web pages on my website to find out where my products receive their website traffic from?
A: Not a problem. You can track individual web store products and review the web page popularity statistics in real time.

Under the user menu, click on "Add New Project" button and generate a website visitor HTML / JavaScript tracking code. Use this code to place on an individual product webpage to collect the popularity of your product in real-time, while collecting the important website visitor traffic statistics and analysis. The above will also gather and collect the pertinent information about your website traffic and visitors such as the search engine keywords that brought you the traffic, the referring links that result in the incoming traffic for that particular web page, the geographical information about your visitors such as country, state and city tracking. And all in real time. The "now" time. :)

Q: Can be used for fraud investigation services?
A: Since provides a highly unique visitor information it is currently being used by various establishments for online fraud prevention and monitoring.

By gathering the visitor's IP address information and the hosting provider information, it is possible to trace a particular visitor's location to the physical street level address with help of a proper authority and/or police involvement. Such legal investigation practices are possible with help of and would allow an investigating party to study IP tracing logs in order to narrow down an offending person’s internet protocol address. The protocol would serve as a key that an internet police can use in an investigation process.

Many owners of Internet web stores use on a daily basis to monitor the user background activity and even follow up on some internet purchase transactions to compare the information submitted via payment gateways with the visitor log information recorded by the system.

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