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Why is TraceMyIP slow?

TraceMyIP uses some of the most advanced hardware and hosting services. However, keep in mind that depending on your device’s software and hardware, location, and the location of TraceMyIP servers, there could be latency. Additionally, when you access and you observe slow loading of the user interface, you can check the following:

  1. Ensure that your Internet connection speed is reliable. Run an internet speed test. If everything looks normal on your end, consider the distance from your physical location to the actual network location of TraceMyIP, which is currently located in Orlando, FL, USA.
  2. Check your Internet browser for open tabs that consume a lot of CPU resources. You can, for example, use a task manages within Google Chrome to find tabs that are using too much CPU and RAM, which slows down the entire browser.
  3. Check your computer for software that utilizes excessive computational resources. Open a task manager and observe if there are any processes that consistently consume more than 10% of your CPU resources
  4. Check your device for malware. Malware can consume a lot of CPU resources to do its malicious thing! Run an antivirus or a malware scanner.
  5. If you are using a proxy server, the reports will most likely load slower because of the way the information is exchanged and processed when using a proxy server. Proxy servers are notorious for reducing the performance of Internet access for a couple of reasons. First of all, the proxy servers are not dedicated to a single user. Each proxy server processes data for hundreds of users, which consumes a lot of server resources and network bandwidth. Second of all, a proxy server is a bridge between you and the destination data source. A presence of a bridge between you and the target machine will always affect access speeds.

If you’re located across an ocean or even on the west coast of the USA, the latency speed can be significant enough to notice a difference in website loading speed.

Keep in mind that the actual tracking, analysis, and data report production are extensive processes that require a significant amount of CPU and memory processing time, which normally adds a slight delay to all processes. We regularly update the hardware and software to respond to increased demands for large-volume data processing.

However, you can depend on the services provided by our implementation. The website visitor tracker remains a reliable tool that has performed well for most International locations for thousands of users for over a decade.

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