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How to stop logging your own website visits


In this tutorial, we will show you how to block the visitor tracker from detecting your own visits. This option will help you to save your visitor tracking log space and prevent the tracker logs from being populated with data about your own activity.

For a detailed, step-by-step tutorial on how to setup own IP & browser blocking, see this page or continue reading this page and viewing the video. If you need to control specific IPs from accessing your website, see the IP visitor blocking tutorial.

Navigate to “My Account/Settings” page. Scroll down until you see an “IP Blocking” section. Here you’ll find two options that will allow the system to recognize your own visits.

The first option would be to block your visits from being recorded by specifying an IP address in one of the IP address slots. This option is good to use if your computer has a static IP address and if you need to block all of the computers on your local network.

The second option would be to enable the “Block my browser automatically” option by enabling the check box. This option is convenient to use if your computer IP address frequently changes or you only need to block only one computer on your local network.

To block an IP address from being logged by the system, you can either manually type an IP address into the allocated IP address slots or copy your own IP address and paste it into one of the free IP address input boxes. Note that if you enable the “Block my browser automatically” option, it will set a blocking cookie in your browser and allow the tracker to only block the browser from which you have logged in to TraceMyIP.

If you delete your browser cookies, the tracker will resume detecting your own visits until you log in to your TraceMyIP account, which will restore the browser-blocking cookie. Once you’ve completed your configuration, click on the “UPDATE button”.

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