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How to make a visitor tracker invisible (hide tracker icon)


In this tutorial, we will show you how to make your TraceMyIP visitor tracker icon invisible.

  • Navigate to “My Projects” page.
  • On “My Projects” page, locate the project that needs to have an invisible visitor tracker option enabled and click on the “Edit” link under the Manage column
  • Locate the section “Tracker Icon Display Preferences”.
  • Enable the “Invisible Tracker” icon checkbox. If you have more than one project and would like all of your projects to have the same setting, enable “Apply to all projects” checkbox. Click on the “Update” button at the bottom of the screen.

Your invisible tracker option is now enabled. You can visually confirm the setting by looking at the “status” column where a binoculars icon is displayed. If you hover your mouse pointer over the icon, you will see a tooltip popup that indicates that your visitor tracker icon is no longer visible on your website.

Note that before you make your visitor tracker icon invisible, ensure that the tracker icon appears on all pages of your website. This will help to ensure that you will not miss on important visitor tracker data.

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