Add a Flag Counter to a website

TraceMyIP provides a wide variety of visitor tracker image styles, including a Country Flag Counter that can be added to websites, personal profile pages, website forums and so on. While recording advanced information about website visitors, a Flag Counter displays a list of visitor countries and number of visits per each country listed.

how to add a flag tracker to website

When you install a Flag Counter on your website, you are getting the following:

  1. An internal statistics about website visitors that only you can view when logged in to the TraceMyIP console. This information contains advanced tracking data for all your website visitors
  2. An external widget image that displays your website popularity by country that can be viewed by your website visitors

The private visitor statistics that is accessible via the console provides significantly more information about all and each visitor individually. This information includes visitors IP addresses, their network connection details, IP changes, geographical data, web page viewing activity, historical statistics, location maps and much more.

Flag counter image style options

The Flag Counter that is displayed on your website only provides a limited data that’s publicly visible to you and your visitors. This data includes the following:

  • Country flags icons and number of visits from each country that has occurred from the very beginning when the flag tracker was installed
  • Optional information such as
    • Total number of page views
    • Total number of visits (each visitor can have multiple visits)
    • Visitor IP address
    • Visitor system, such as an OS version and the browser
    • Visitor GEO location

The Flag Counter can be generated with the above options and scaled to a image desired size and number of website visitor countries to be displayed.

Note that you can only use ONE style of the visitor tracker on your website. This means that the Flag Counter code needs to be installed either in the header or a footer of your website, and show on ALL pages of your website. If there are Flag Counter code duplicates or another visitor tracker styles are used, the website visitor tracking data will be inaccurate. When you install a visitor tracker code such as Flag Counter, check your website page(s) source code and verify that only a single instance of a code is loaded.

If you need to change your existing Flag Counter style, colors or additional data displayed, you would need to do the following:

  1. Remove the existing code from your website pages and ensure that it is completely removed from your website
  2. Generate a new visitor tracker code for by clicking on a “tracker code” link located on “My Projects” page of your TraceMyIP console
  3. Place the code into the header or a footer of your website and ensure that the same visitor tracker style appears on ALL pages of your website.

changing flag counter image options

If you have selected the “Number of page views” and/or “Number of visits” option for your Country Flag Tracker, you can set the starting numbers for page views and number of visits by clicking on the “edit” link for your project and scrolling down until you see the options to change the initial counts for your tracker style.


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