How to TAG a visitor IP address

Visitor Tagging is a feature that allows attaching a visitor identification information such a visitor name, contact information or physical address to an IP address or a computer ID. This allows recognizing a specific visitor IP address on the visitor tracker logs and enables you to track specific visitor IPs across all websites that are being tracked under your account and setup visitor alerts, which produce visual or email notifications when a specific visitor has accessed any of your websites.

To tag a visitor, TraceMyIP uses a feature called “IP Tracking Address Book”. This allows attaching any personal or organization identification information to an IP address or a computer ID.

Tagging a website visitor

  • Navigate to any of the following logs: Visitor List, Page Loads, Visitor Maps, Came From, Keywords, Campaigns
  • Locate a visitor IP address which needs to be tagged
  • There will be 2 options to tag a visitor
    1. ALERTS – allows to TAG IP (see #2 below) and simultaneously setting up visual and email alerts for a website visitor. When Alerts are configured, you can receive console popup notifications and email notifications when a specific visitor accesses any of your website pages
    2.  TAG IP – setup IP tagging without email alerts. TAG IP simply allows attaching a visitor name or any or a visitor contact or physical address information to an IP address so it’s visible alongside the visitor IP address on all of the logs.
  • To view ALL tagged visitors, navigate to “My Contacts” and click on the “tag” selector button on the left to view all address book entries that contain visitor IP tags.

You can view a tagged visitor activity across all of your websites that are being tracked under the same TraceMyIP account by clicking on the “Activity” link for each listed address book entry.

Note that the IP Tagging feature depends on the amount of data log space available. When your log spaces reaches its capacity, the older data is deleted allowing for a new data to be stored. The deleted data may contain older visitor activity that might become unavailable when using visitor Tagging feature. To increase your visitor log space, you can always upgrade your subscription if more visitor data retention is required.


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