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My tracker log is getting full. Will the tracker stop working?


Each subscription has a specific log file size to store individual IP addresses and their activities. The FREE subscriptions have the smallest log size. Note that not all data logs have limits. Daily, monthly and yearly logs have no limits.

Real-time IP traffic log limitations

When your traffic log reaches its full capacity, the system will not stop tracking visitor activity. Instead, it will start deleting the older IP activity entries and replace them with the most recent activity. This is called “Log Rotation”.

The Log Rotation frequency depends on the level of the subscription, which sets the size of the real-time visitor traffic IP log. The higher the subscription level, the more information will be retained. However, keep in mind that if your website has a very low daily count of visitors, you may not need a large IP log space. When you start using your account, each project will provide you with an estimated timeframe for which the traffic data will be retained. This estimate will be more accurate once your log reaches its full capacity.

Note that premium accounts also have a feature that allows deleting some necessary traffic log entries. This can also help increase the usability of your log space.

Ways of optimizing your log space and preventing unnecessary waste of log space

  • Block web bots from using your log space
  • Utilize the “Selective GEO Tracking” filter to only capture visits from specific countries of interest (located on the project settings page)
  • Avoid installing the code twice on any page. Only a single instance of the code must be installed on each page. The best location for a visitor tracker code is the header or a footer of a website
  • Avoid purchasing web visitor traffic from unknown referrers. Those good deals of buying thousands of visitors for $5 are usually just the bots activity that simulates visitor activity. This would not only be a waste of your finances but generally causes the server to overload and fills up your web visitors’ traffic log with useless data.
  • Enable your own IP address blocking under “My Account > General Settings“. This will allow you to stop logging your own visits to your website(s), and save you the log space you have.

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