How different is TraceMyIP website visitors tracking?

TraceMyIP is a unique service that was built from the ground up. Currently, it is one of the most advanced website visitor IP address trackers.

What makes it different from other website visitor IP trackers?

TraceMyIP has a uniquely designed IP address tracking engine that analyzes visitor connections before capturing the IP that’s broadcasted by the connecting machine. It allows it to differentiate the type of the connecting machine, its purpose, and the connection routing. Many incoming connections report IPs that are either inaccurate or routed through a proxy server in order to conceal the remote machine identity. TraceMyIPis designed to detect such instances and in many cases detect the real IP address that stands behind a proxy.

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How different is TraceMyIP for visitor tracking?

In other instances, dropped communication packets or incorrect routing IP tables can deliver corrupt IP address data for example. In these situations TraceMyIP will either wait for other connection attempts or use a backup connection node to acquire a correct connecting IP address. Using different methods and variables of an incoming IP address connection allows the system to capture the true IP addresses more accurately.

Furthermore, it is common for devices to change IP addresses during the same website visitation session. This would occur for example if a device has connected via a mobile network with its user accessing the net while traveling. To maintain the continuity of the mobile connections, a mobile network’s user device would hop from one wireless access point to another. Each wireless access point has its own dedicated set of IP addresses that it assigns to the connecting devices. Therefore, each time a connection access point is changed, a device would change its WAN IP address. TraceMyIP IP tracking algorithms can detect such hops and notify its users when a visitor changes his or her IP address. The generated reports clearly identify each time a device has changed an IP address and allow its users to see how each visitor changes an IP address.

Another important and unique feature that the system provides is automatic filtering of ghost connections and data bots activity. The ghost connections are incomplete connections or connections that represent a bot-like activity. TraceMyIP allows filtering this type of connection to deliver true website access statistics. This eliminates inflated reporting that generally gives a false representation of the actual human activity. With TraceMyIP visitor tracking engine, its users receive a more accurate representation of the human activity vs bots activity. This is an important difference as, in many situations, more than 60% of all connecting machines are data scouters and search engine bots.

A complete set of EU GDPR Compliance tools allow webmasters to tailor their data capture policies and comply with local laws when it comes to capturing detailed website visitor information.

Combine all of the above with a TraceMyIP ability to track up to 95 websites simultaneously under the same account, and you have a powerful tool that is fairly easy to use and delivers the most wanted information about the visitors and their IP addresses.

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