Tracking online cyberstalking and crime using an IP Tracker

TraceMyIP provides a reliable method of security monitoring to website publishers with advanced IP address tracking. Having a TraceMyIP visitor tracker installed on a website is practically similar to having an alarm system installed on private property premises. Each visit is logged and immediately appears on the real-time reports, and email notifications are sent to a designated email address (if configured for specific IP addresses).

ip trackers online crime and stalking protection

If a suspected cyberstalking, fraud, or crime predisposition is detected, knowing an exact IP can aid in legal investigations. Using an IP address and the exact date and time of a suspicious event, it is feasible to obtain a personal identity of an individual by making a formal request to an applicable ISP provider based on an authorized police warrant.

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The ability to track and trace IP addresses with increased precision has been used since the beginning of the Internet. It is extensively used for websites, forums, social networks, digital content exchange outlets, search engines, and governments.

The primary uses of Internet Protocol (IP) tracking

  • Generate visitation statistics
  • Prevent and cease online cyberstalking and other crimes – online and off-line
  • Scan website activity for online bots abuse, spamming, stalking, bullying, and fraud
  • Monitor downloadable content distribution
  • Create website access restrictions to control the flow and minimize the abuse of websites
  • Monitor online government law enforcement operations entities
  • Register and generate reports for device access requests
  • Provide a targeted DOS protection based on an IP address range

A few words on IP tracking misinformation

is ip tracking legitimate?

There is a common misunderstanding among Internet users that IP tracking is inappropriate, used for cyberstalking or information theft, and should be minimized by all means possible. The hype however is mostly promoted by the advertisers that maximize profits from such misinformation tactics in order to sell various security products such as online proxy browsing services (proxy downloading is unrelated in this content).

However, preventing the web publishers from being able to monitor their online premises for crimes such as cyber-stalking and fraud would be similar to disabling land-based security systems and having every single person in public hide identity by wearing anonymous masks and changing their names. It would give individuals with malicious intent and opportunity to disguise and do the crimes that otherwise would not be feasible.

When utilized with security in mind by individuals, entities, and organizations, IP tracking gains valuable online transparency, peace of mind to the website and social networks owners, making the web safer.

How TraceMyIP helps to track cyberstalking, crime, and online fraud events

TraceMyIP assists in tracking cyberstalking

By nature of the web, the lack of online transparency is the most concerning factor. Individuals and bots scout the web for content and connect to remote devices without clear identification. The IP address remains the only key piece of information about each visitor.

TraceMyIP makes extensive use of any type of information available about each IP address. It generates reports and creates instant email notifications about various human and bot activities that happen in the background of any website or online service.

Some of the information and security tools available to TraceMyIP users are:

  • An advanced precision IP address detection and approximate geo location
  • Advertising campaign fraudulent clicks detection
  • Origins of the visitors – referral information that indicates the external flow of website visitor
  • Cumulative reports for each individual IP address and its historical activity and flow across a single or multiple websites
  • Visitor tagging – targeted tracking activity of any visitor and instant notifications on reports
  • IP address changes tracking – when visitors change their IP address, the system indicates all IP changes overtime on the reports
  • Email notifications that allow being notified when specific individuals visit web pages or connect to actively monitored devices
  • IP redirection and access control tools allow controlling how a range or specific IP addresses are accessing online content. The access control tools also allow to redirect visitors based on specific rules that use geolocation, ISP or organization data, click activity, and other various visitor data
  • Creating notations and linking an IP address activity to any suspicious browsing and visitation activity
  • Real-time audio notifications for new visits
  • Detailed raw format IP activity reports exported to an CSV file for further analysis

* Some options are only available when a Javascript version of the visitor tracker is installed.

If you would like to improve on the security of your website, check out TraceMyIP services.

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